Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calgary Stampede makes Garth Brooks ticket price announcement...I got friends with LOW PRICES

Holy good God of country heaven! We have not been punked.

The Calgary Stampede made their announcement today about the cost of tickets to Garth  Brooks' Stampede show. Everyone and their dog was bracing for the price to be astronomical...the man plays Vegas for crying out loud at $200 for nose bleed seats. I am literally in SHOCK right now at the price point.

It was announced that Brooks' show will be a flat rate of, wait for it...$62 per ticket. That's like the price of a Hedley concert. Think about that shit! All tickets are going to be the same price and their is a limit of 6 per person.

It is going to be a Hunger Games type of blood bath to get those seats. They are going to sell out in minutes, guaranteed.

Tickets go on sale on ticketmaster on Saturday April 14 at 10 AM MST. Get your trigger fingers ready Stampede peeps. You better be quick on the draw!


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  1. Clearly the author of the commentary has not been at the Vegas show. Yes, tickets are $200 now (even though I saw him at $125 apiece) but how can you have nosebleed seats in an 1100 person intimate theatre. The furthest seats are about 100 feet from the stage. It was like he was playing in your living room. And I am quite sure Garth had something to do with the seat price. He has always wanted ticket prices to be affordable to his fans. Vegas is the exception, largely because if you price tickets too low, you undercut everyone else in Vegas.


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