Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Challenge Week #7: Call Me Russell by Russell Peters

When I started this challenge I went to Chapters and bought a stack of books which I thought would be fun reads. Russell Peters' book was one of them...Peters is a pretty funny dude, he's Canadian and he seems to draw from stories of his childhood in some of his stand-up so I thought...can't fail.


It was a weird book of stories. At times I thought it was like he wanted to tie the stories together and other times he was just doing one-offs of things that he thought would make him seem important. If it was set up to be a bunch of small bits, little stories, I would have read it like that...but it wasn't. It was a little chaotic.

There were times where he wrote entire pages about other people that he had met in his life...random people that no one cares about. Unfortunately for Peters, he is not popular enough for the small people connected to him to matter. He wrote some chapters on boxers and comedians which I think he thought the common person would know about, but that was not the case either.

I think the biggest problem with the book, besides the chaotic non-flow, was that Russell hasn't hit his peak. His 'big time' stories are not even blimps on other people's radars. You can tell that he is still below where he wants to be at because he had such a bitchy attitude towards anyone and everyone who had ever messed with his might-be success...and he called them all out in his book.

Don't think that this is super exciting or a reason you should buy this book. It was basically read like a bitchy teenager who thinks that they should be a managing at McDonald's instead of flipping burgers. Part of me wants to go find Russell, kick him hard in the nuts, say something scathingly mean to him and then wait for my chapter in his new book to come out. It would be glorious.

Sorry Russell. Your stand up is pretty funny, but you should save the memoir until after you have reached the success point you feel deserving of.

Not Recommended.


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