Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Challenge Week #5: Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is a hottie. This is a fact, well known by myself, all the ladies and all the gays around the world. I always knew who Rob Lowe was, but I didn't really know what he was really famous for. After reading his autobiography Stories I Only Tell Me Friends, which he wrote 100% himself (golf clap), I realized that the reason I always thought Rob Lowe was completely underrated was because his prime time of popularity was during the years just before my birth and slightly thereafter.

Rob Lowe was a member of the Brat Pack, which was a title given to him and some other actors in the 80s by a news reporter who went out for dinner with them and then wrote a bitch piece about their behaviour (according the Lowe). I have heard of a lot of the movies that he talks about in the book, but to be completely honest, I have seen maybe 2.

It was an interesting little look at what it was like to be a teen idol in a time where the internet did not exist and tweens still hung their entire existence on the Tiger Beat magazines. I felt like the first half of the book was a series of name drops by Lowe of his famous friends or times where he worked with or met icons. And the second half was about his family and the bigger moments in his career and the subsequent fizzle.

I personally liked his descriptions of the young Tom Cruise, who he worked with on The Outsiders, and also teenage Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez were childhood friends of Lowe and they lived down the street. At one point Lowe talks about Charlie being kind of crazy and into conspiracy theories and would sometimes wear a bullet proof vest to school. Telling.

It was interesting to read something about someone who was at one point A list and now probably sits down in the B category and see that the life in the fame-lane is not always what it is cracked up to be. The book almost read like a series of disappointments because it never seemed like his career was on the upswing for very long before something undesirable happened.

I kind of read this book like I watched Forrest Gump. Forrest was present at so many pinnacle moments in history and Rob was around for a lot of stuff in the 80s. A lot of his stories were about things that you associate with other people...he put his "I was there" stamp on them. I like it.

It must also be noted that he made a sex tape in the time before that was acceptable...I did not know this.

If you are interested in that decade of fame I would Recommend this. If not, then you will be bored with it.


Side note: I dogged tagged the pages that included that names of his high school friends and neighbourhood chums...the list includes the following: Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Dean Caine, and Robert Downey Jr. Not to shabby.

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  1. Sex tape? Can I borrow this book Jes? Thanks!


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