Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bachelor Series being sued for racial discriminiation...will this have an effect on The Bachelor Canada?

A couple of guys from Tennessee are suing the Bachelor. They have both applied to be on the show and were denied, and they say it is because they are black. They are saying they are suing on behalf of, "...all persons of color who have applied for the role of The Bachelor or Bachelorette but been denied the equal opportunity for selection on the basis of race."

I don't think that they will win, but it does bring up the fact that racial diversity does not seem to be a big thing in The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I just looked at a bunch of season pictures and I think I see one black girl as a contestant on a season, but it is looking pretty Caucasian.

I am wondering how this is going to effect the Canadian version of the show. I feel like those producers probably have taken into account the cultural diversity of Canada and will have a selection of different ladies on the show. It would be stupid for them not would be even more stupid now after this whole snafu.


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