Monday, April 2, 2012

An audience recap of LIVE! with Kelly in Banff, AB

Kelly Ripa jetted away from Banff today, ending her vacation and production of the best Travel Alberta advertisement ever Live with Kelly in Banff and Lake Louise, AB. The first of the 4 shows taped in Banff aired today with Kelly's husband Mark Consuelos acting as co-host number 1. Tomorrow is day two with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Both of those shows were taped on Sunday. I went to the two shows today and here is a taste of what you are going to get for Wednesday and Thursday's shows.

Wednesday's was with Peter Facinelli's hosting gig and Johnny Galecki as the guest. I had wondered aloud if Peter was going to talk about his divorce...he did. It was tasteful...expect for the banshee in the audience who started cheering when he said he split from his wife of 17 years...awkward.  Johnny Galecki was adorable. Seriously, can we be best friends?

The musical guest was Melanie Fiona, a Canadian R&B singer. I have heard a total of one of her songs and was not overly impressed. I am not really into her kind of music though. I think I was more annoyed because they mentioned that she was a musical guest on Live with Regis and Kelly when they were in PEI last year. Um....there are other Canadian singers that they could have had on the show! I don't understand their need to reuse someone that has already been on the show. Speaking of: Caroline Rhea, Ben Mulroney, and Peter Facinelli - all at the PEI tapings as well. So ridic.

Thursday will bring you Ben Mulroney as your Canadian co-host and David James Elliot as the guest. David is a Canadian who plays the husband of Kristin Chenoweth on GCB. He was also on JAG back in the day. Please watch this and tell me if he comes across like a douche on the TV as much as he did for me from a seat in the audience.

As far as the behind the lens stuff that only the audience gets to see, well, some of it was boring, some legit. I wish everyone got to experience Gelman teaching the audience about clapping. This is when he is really in his element. You see Gelly sometimes when he is talking to Kelly, but you don't see is him frantically trying to get Kelly's attention when he wants her to end the segment and she has no plans to do any such thing. It's quite humorous.

Kelly is tiny in real life. Like seriously, her legs are the size of my arms. Miniature. She is also pretty funny. She has a subtle undertone of bitch when she talks that most people don't pick up...and I obviously love it. She is also a little crazy, which leads to funny as well.

So that's about it. Not too much to report. No one in the audience threw stuff at the stage and no Jerry Springer like brawls took place, much to my un-surprise and total dismay. I hope you are able to catch some of Kelly's 4 day long Travel Alberta advertisement Banff shows, they makes us look pretty rad.


Also, if you watch the episode on Thursday look for me...I am in the front row looking up Kelly's nose. 

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