Monday, March 19, 2012

The Voice...the battle rounds continue

The Voice is still on the second level of the show, the Battle Rounds. I don't know if it is this section that is getting tired or Christina Aguilera's fascinator. They taped all the battle rounds in one day, understood, BUT could they have not had some wardrobe changes?

Christina and Adam are both wearing talkable items. The hat/hair piece/fascinator and Adam's grandpa sweater. I hate the hat so that got irritating right at the beginning of week 2. I love the grandpa sweater so it didn't get irritating until week 3. Now I just want this round to be over so we can get these people into new clothes.

I also am starting to not care about the contestants. The only person I remember from tonight was Pip. Because his name is Pip and he wore plaid pants and suspenders. 

Only one more week left. I shall endure the last Battle Round.


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