Monday, March 26, 2012

Top 5: High School TV Shows of the 90s

90s TV was so cheesy and awesome. This week we look at the shows in the 90s that were based in high school...not necessarily about people who were in that age, but where the filming took place a lot of the time in the halls of a high school.

Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000)
Ah, the ultimate 90s teen TV show. If you were to have an all time teen drama list this would definitely be in the top 3. I definitely had equal huge crushes on Jason Priestley and Luke Perry. Mmmm, Luke Perry. It is so sad that he is old and wrinkled can fade. Tisk. I know that this show wasn't solely based in high school...but the first few seasons were so I say - that's all you need for something so great.

Where are they now: Tori Spelling, whoring out her fam on reality TV; Jason Priestley, on Call Me Fritz on HBO; Jennie Garth, currently splitting from her beau and was on the new 90210; Brian Austin Green, married to ho bag Megan Fox;  and Tiffani Thiessan, currently on White Collar.

Breaker High (1997-1998)
I can't believe this show was only on for one season. And I also can't believe that you can't purchase it on DVD...that is a national travesty. Watching Ryan Gosling act like a nerdy goof is like an alternate universe. In my next life I would like to go to school on a boat.

Where are they now: Ryan Gosling, do I really need to say?; Rachel Wilson, on Republic of Doyle; Persia White, on Vampire Diaries; Tyler Labine, in Sisters and Brothers

Dawson's Creek (1998-2003)
Wahhhhhh, that theme song is just so great. Oh the 90s. How could you not love this show where all of the teenagers talked like highly advanced intellectual grad students. It is quite hilarious. And James van der Beek. Love love love.

Where are they now: James van der Beek, almost having a comeback...I can feel it; Katie Holms, sucking at acting and married to a crazy; Joshua Jackson, on The Fringe; and Michelle Williams, who would have thought that she would be the all star of the group.

Saved by the Bell (1989-1993)
BAYSIDE HIGH! Zack Morris and the gang were pretty dope, weren't they? And Mr. it. I was also in love with Zack Morris...who wasn't? Like, come on. The only person that could ever get away with talking to the camera without seeming like an idiot.

Where are they now: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, on Franklin and Bash; Mario Lopez, still maintains C list status doing things like hosting talent shows on TV; Tiffani Thiessen, the only person on this list twice - legendary; Dustin Diamond, heard he started his own religion...this could be false; Elizabeth Berkley, last thing I saw her in was a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Sweet Valley High (1994-1998)
This show was the inspiration for this list. I got season 1 for my birthday and we just finished it. So fantastically horrible. Plus, I love the books when I was younger. This theme song however, is terrible.

Where are they now: Brittany Daniels, was on The Game (TV show). Seriously...this is how good that ENTIRE cast was...none of them are currently working.


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  1. This is my favourite Top 5 list so far. I'm pretty sure most of these shows are the reason why I was so disillusioned about high school, since I was an impressionable 8 year old when most of these were on, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.


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