Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 5: Actors from Winnipeg

So I booked my first ever flight to Winnipeg yesterday and I thought...hum, Winnipeg. What great things have come out of that city? After some searching I realized...not a whole lot. BUT I did find that there are some actors that you may know that hail from one of the murder capitals of Canada. Rad.

Nia Vardalos
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I haven't seen anything from her that has ever been as good as that, but I would say that got a solid A in my books.

Daniel Gillies
He is most recently known for his role in the CW TV show The Vampire Diaries. He was born in Winnipeg, but moved to New Zealand at a young age. Interesting. Even more interesting...he is married to Rachel Leigh Cook (who played the nerd girl in She's All That).

Anna Paquin
Another Winnipeger turned New Zealand random. Anna is the most successful of the Winnipeg crew. Academy Award winner at the age of 11 and currently the star of the hit HBO show True Blood.

Wendy Crewson
She mainly plays supporting roles, but I remember her most for her role as Tim Allen's ex-wife in The Santa Claus.

Ryan Kennedy
He played the role of Jake, the football guy who goes to jail in the now defunct cheerleader TV show Hellcats. After looking at his IMDB photos I am going to say that the reason he isn't more ahead in his career is that he made the mistake of thinking long scruffy hair was an A-OK way to present yourself.

This list is pretty sad...there has got to be more. Get ready for my next installment of this particular Top 5...Actors from the Yukon.


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