Friday, March 30, 2012

Thought the new Punk'd was going to be good? You just got Punk'd!

Punk'd came back on the air last night. Did you catch it? The show which was originally created by Ashton Kutcher, is being re-worked to now have different celebrities working behind the scenes every week to punk their famous friends.
I think the producers thought that they would go flying out of the gate with its premier episode featuring Justin Bieber. How can the Biebs not spew chunks of magical gold and jewels all over your program? Well, there was spew all over the program, but it was basically coming from my end of the screen in the form of disappointed vomit.

What the hell was that? 3 people punk'd in 20 minutes? How am I supposed to get invested in these pranks when they are over before anyone has time to get worked up? The Taylor Swift one started off well, I was laughing and I thought...this is going to get good. Then...nothing. It just ended. I was pissed because the Biebs promised us that Taylor would cry. I want to see Taylor Swift cry dammit!

His other two pranks were worse. Rob Dyrdek figured out within 2 seconds he was getting punk'd and they had to pull a switcheroo last minute and punk the ever so gullible Sean Kingston instead. The prank was crap too.

Then there was Miley Cyrus who thought that she was punking Bieber by getting some skater kids to get in a fight with him when Bieber wigged out and attacked one of them. Miley didn't seem too distressed about the whole situation. Then Bieber cames out like Ashton did when Britney tried to punk him and is all thug life saying, "YOU CAN'T PUNK ME!" Actually Biebs, you would probably be the easiest target EVER. Best part of the whole episode: Miley Cyrus saying F-ck You to every single person there. No shame. I love her.

When Ashton first started punking people the pranks were detailed, thought out and pretty decently executed. The episodes were short, but only one person or MAYBE 2 people got punked. But the viewer really got into it. Do you really think it takes 10 minutes to get someone to cry? takes longer than that. And your pranks actually have to make sense and be somewhat plausible.

Fire everyone and start that show again from scratch. I can't believe I am saying this, but, bring back Ashton. It is now Ashton's turn to say that no one can replace him in a show that once his oyster. Now he will get a taste of what Charlie Sheen thinks of the new garbage version of Two and a Half Men.


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