Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some other things I thought you'd like to know...

WTF. This is real!? I saw a video of this a while ago and thought that it was fake. This ain't fake...and those kids obviously do NOT like this. Good God

Neil Patrick Harris sang a number on a Disney cruise ship...I want NPH to sing the soundtrack of my life. 

Hawaii Five-O hottie Alex O'Loughlin is going to be missing the filming of at least one episode while he receives treatment for some sort of pain medication addiction...well no one is saying he went to rehab, but that is pretty much what this is. 

Jonathan Danial Brown who played the fat nerd in Project X got his start in the film industry in a porno...for some reason I am not really shocked about this. 

Oprah has scored an interview with Whitney Houston's daughter...or we could say that Bobbi Kristina scored a sit down with Ope. Jealous. 

Justin Bieber turned 18...cougars all over the world threw parties and 12 year olds cry because now it wold be illegal for him to bone them. 

Robin Thicke did a song featuring Lil Wayne and the music video is out...the song and video are pretty sub-par.


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