Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ryan Gosling narrates a doc about teenage apathy

If I were to have someone narrate my life my go to has always been Morgan Freeman, obviously. My number two was James Earl Jones, but I think Mr. Gosling is gonna take his place. Ryan Gosling narrating your life...hot.

I think point of this movie is good...but my generation is desensitized to anything they see in the media. Especially a film about how we need to stop watching TV and DO something...by watching a movie? I see this same stuff every single day on your tube and various viral campaigns. You watch it, get inspired and then move on to reading about the Kardashians.

I do like in the part where the girl says "we don't go outside anymore"....like what the f-ck is she talking abo...oh wait, yes. She is right.


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