Thursday, March 29, 2012

Punk'd Returns Tonight!

Oh Ashton, so much has happened since you stopped punking people and turned into a hack actor and a divorcee. Punk'd...those were your good days. I hope you cherish the memories.

Tonight Punk'd returns to MTV with a different celebrity host/punker each episode. They thought they would start it all with a Bieberlicious bang and got King of the Tweens, J Biebs, to do the first round of punking.

I will say, this is the best thing MTV has done since the first season of Jersey Shore and the After Show (the legit one, with Dan and Jessi). I am excited and I hope the pranks are as awesome as the ones that Mr. Kutcher executed back in the day.

Punk'd premieres tonight (March 29) at 8 PM MT


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