Monday, March 26, 2012

PETA plans on paying legal fees of Kim Kardashian flour bomber

Agh. PETA is so annoying.

You all heard about Kim Kardashian getting flour bombed on the weekend while walking a red carpet, right? Well at first she wasn't going to do anything, but now she has reconsidered and is thinking of pressing charges against the chick who threw the stuff on her.

This is definitely Kim's right. If someone came up to me and threw a bag of anything all over me in a malicious way I would definitely want to either A) Punch their face in. or B) Press charges.  Since Kim couldn't get away with doing A she went with B. This makes sense.

Now PETA, who over the weekend were commenting on how they didn't think Kim should press charges and they think the furs that she sometimes wear are vulgar, is saying that they are going to pay the legal fees of the attacker if Kim tries to take her to court.

At no point was anything released that said they the flour bomb was animal fur guess is it is just because the girl thought Kim was an annoying celebrity who was famous for doing nothing. So then why is PETA getting involved? So that people don't press charges in the future against their activists who go all crazy with red paint?

Just another day and another way PETA has pissed me off. In no world should it be ok for someone throw anything on anyone and not be held accountable for it. The fact that people think this is legit behaviour is really irritating.

But just to clarify...I still think Kim K getting antiqued is hilarious.


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