Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Direction musically taking Backstreet way, good route

I will be the first to say that I am THRILLED at the resurrection of the boy bands. As we all know I am a HUGE fan of the boy bands from the 90s so it would be weird for me to completely shun the next generations chance to have the "Who is your favorite?" conversation. Go for it girls. (Pick the right one though...you don't want to be shamed in later years for picking the "Kevin" of the group).

Clearly I have downloaded songs by The Wanted and One Direction. I have no shame in this arena.

They obviously do not live up to the mark that the Backstreet Boys have set, but they do a pretty decent job. Actually, One Direction does such a good job that they sound almost exactly like them.

The song above, One Thing, seriously, if you can't hear it...you are not a BSB fan. Don't even try to dispute this with me. I could pick out a sound-a-like in my sleep when it comes to my boys. If you are going to knock off a sound...might as well go with the best!

BSB vs 1D in Numbers:
  • 1993: The year that the Backstreet Boys became a band and also the year 3 members of One Direction were born.
  • 18-20: age range of the members of One Direction, while the Backstreet Boys had an age range of 13 (Nick) to 21 (Kevin).
  • 2: Number of members of the BSB went to rehab...only time will tell for the five One Directioners.
Welcome to the world One Direction and The Wanted. Don't do drugs.


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