Friday, March 30, 2012

#NowPlaying MG's Pick of the Week: Sammy Adams

Jes has wanted a rap song for a long time - and as you've probably realized, rap music isn't exactly on my radar.

However, while flipping through my collection of playlists looking for this week's song I stumbled upon Sammy Adams. I really cannot believe that I didn't recommend this a long time ago - until Bon Iver Bon Iver came out this was my number one song played on iTunes. Wow .. feeling a little embarrassed about admitting that on the internet.

In any case - I really cannot figure out why this song isn't more popular. If it ever made it to the radio (maybe it is? I'm not really in the know) people would eat it up. So catchy. It's still my jam - yep, a paragraph later and that still feels awkward to type.

Did you go slice yourself a little after writing this? I think you need to over compensate on the emo-ness tonight to make up for this happy hip-hop tune. Ha ha.
I do recall you telling me a long while ago about this fellow. Since I am 'in the know' (well, more than you) I can tell you he is gaining a little bit of traction. I am sure your post is exactly what he needs to skyrocket him to success.

Actually...he was on Conan in January. Playing for Mr. Ginger. What an accomplishement.


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