Friday, March 9, 2012

#NowPlaying: MG Pick of the Week: Bahamas

I really like Bahamas. Not the place, the really talented Canadian singer.

Okay, well let's be serious - I don't have beef with the country, and in fact if I could afford to take a nice, sunny vacation right now Bahamas would probably be top of the list - but for now we're going to talk about the singer.

Bahamas, (real name: Afie Jurvanen) is a little bit of an indie darling. CBC Radio3 could not speak more highly of his latest album, and I'm not sure I could fault them for that.

The song I've chosen is actually from an older release (which was apparently recorded in a cabin in rural Ontario, which is a touch Bon Iver-ish, naturally something I flat out love), but I was just listening to it and though 'well you know, this is a really great song.'

No compliments or qualms here.


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