Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

If you have a movie that you have been meaning to check out in the should really do it this weekend before the insanity hits next weekend with the opening of The Hunger Games. Here are the movies you can enjoy this weekend without the flurry of madness.

21 Jump Street
I am not really one for remakes, but this actually looks pretty funny. And it was when Jonah Hill was not fat (not skinny, but not fat)...oh that was a nice little period of time. The original with Johnny Depp (the TV show) wasn't that funny - maybe that is what it was missing for me. Who knows. But I will go see this one.

Being Flynn (Limited)
I think this movie looks like it could be fantastic...if I was in the right mood to watch it. Movies like this are hazardous if you watch them when tired or in need of any kind of stimulant. Right mood and Robert De Niro will knock your socks off.

Casa De Mi Padre (Limited)
"The biggest international motion picture of all time..." What the hell is this? All I know is that I am not a fan of Will Spanish or English...and I am truly not a fan of subtitles. Not sure if them remaking the same old story in another language is going to be a big seller...I would be surprised (except for in Southern border states where I am sure it will turn some kind of profit).

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
To be honest I haven't heard a lot about this movie. It has a pretty rad cast: Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, and Judy Greer....but unless it has a super spectacular ending, it looks like another one of those indy-"you feel slightly better about your current life situation when you leave the theatre and then realize that you just wasted two hours of your life on a brain suck when you could have been doing something useful like alphabetizing your DVDs or throwing eggs at kids from your balcony" -movies. Or it could be good. *Shrugs shoulders*

 My Pick: 21 Jump Street....cause you can't go wrong with laughs.


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