Thursday, March 8, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

Last weekend The Lorax (animated Dr. Seuss movie) raked in over $70 million...that is disgusting. Especially for a movie I have no desire to see. This weekend it will probably get more because, let's face it...there is nothing opening this weekend that I really want to see on the big screen.

Friends with Kids
What a horrible idea. The only way I would have children is if I accidentally got knocked up...then it would be like a prison sentence for 18 years or however long you have to have them around for before you can legally kick them out. And Megan Fox is in this movie...and I hate her.  On another note, I see we have a ton of people from Bridesmaids in this movie, but no Melissa McCarthy - disappointing.

John Cater
Depending on what trailer you watch for this movie it will either look like this one: a time travel weird western turned future Star Wars type film OR if you have seen the one that plays on TV, you will think it is something out of the 300 or Wrath of the Titans genre. Either way it looks lame and I will not be watching it...even though Taylor Kitsch is shirtless and hot. If his hair was a non-gross length I might have considered it.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen
Well, it is the best name I have heard in a long time for a movie...since Snakes on a Plane. Other than that I think the movie looks like an awards season bore...except it missed awards season. Too bad.

Silent House
All of these haunted house movies look the same. Since I don't ever watch any of them, but I can imagine that they all probably end the same as well. Elizabeth Olsen is in this...don't let the family name fool you. This Olsen can actually act.

A Thousand Words
A movie where Eddie Murphy can't talk? Well that sounds...horrible.  It looks like it could be funny, but for some reason this seems like the kind of movie that was written for Tim Allen. Bad shit like this seems to always happen to him.

My Pick: Friends with will probably be pretty funny. The cast looks pretty comedic.


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