Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

It has been pretty slow at the theatre since the great devastation that was The Vow. Haven't been excited for anything since, but now there is one. Not excited for me...since I just saw it, but excited for you cause it is coming out tomorrow!

Dr. Seusses The Lorax
Dr. ya, but I am not too keen on your target audience. Taylor Swift and Zac Efron voice the characters in this movie if that moves you at all, but I would rather shred my hand on a cheese grater than go see this.

The Odds (Limited)
Oooo, it's like, any other movie I have ever seen about gambling except there is a twist! Teenagers. Wooooo. No seriously though, it looks like it could be alright. It is a cast full of unknowns so if you are the type of person that says stuff like "Hey, just saw Tom Hanks' new movie" and you don't even know the name of it, this probably isn't for you. Oh and fun fact, as are most movies that have this kind of gloomy dark and rainy backdrop, it was filmed in Vancouver.

Project X
Go see this. It was reminiscent of Superbad, but the camera work made it what it was. You can read my review below.

Undefeated (Limited)
This film just won Best Documentary last week at the Oscars. It's about football and a not so well off high school. Heartstrings tugging. Underdog routing. All that goodness. Oh, and P Diddy was one of the producers. So there's that.

My Pick: Clearly you should be going to see Project X. As of now I don't really think many people have heard of it and if they have they have no idea what it is. But trust me, it's hilarious.


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