Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miley Cyrus says she will not work on a movie with Liam Hemsworth again

Rumour has it that Miley Cyrus said that she would not act in a movie with Liam Hemsworth again. This is music to my ears. Not that I ever thought there was a remote chance that she would get cast in either of the other 2 Hunger Games films, but this pretty much puts that thought in a dark black hole with no escape.

They need to cast Finnick I can get on with my life.

Also, I have decided that these movies are going to suck because they are going for the PG rating. Which means...we are not going to get to see kids slaughter each other. The UK version has already been reduced by a few seconds to take away shots of blood.

WTF. This movie is all about killing! How are they getting away with not showing the murders. F-ck. So lame.


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