Friday, March 30, 2012

Mike Tompkin's makes Music Video for Bully Movie

I was just talking the other day about how sad it was for people who made a name for themselves doing covers of other people's songs and then do one of their own and it sucks. This is not the case with Mike Tompkins' (the Canadian human beat box) new song Stand Up.

In relation to the controversial movie that is set to hit theatres in the coming weeks, Bully, Tomkins wrote this song. It's not the best thing I have ever heard, but 'message' songs rarely have to be crop-A to be put on repeat.

The movie Bully, as you may know, has been through the ringer with the with the ratings board at the MPAA in the USA. The movie was given an R rating and finally Weinstein and Co decided to release the movie with no rating.

The film however, received a PG rating in Canada, which fueled the fire in the States that the film was too harshly rated. Weinstein and Co had originally planned on one day being able to show the film in schools for bully awareness.

I am sure more people than normal will flock to theatres to see this documentary in Canada because of all the pub. I am not so sure about the States. I know in Canadaland...if you have a film that is not rated it is basically the same thing as having a film with the highest rating. If they want to charge admission and show it to the public, theatres have to treat the film like it is rated-R even if it is a cartoon about drawing flowers. No joke. If you didn't have to rate movies then the system would not need to exist.

Again, this is just in Canada - I don't know about the States, but my guess is it is something along the same lines. Theatres don't want to get in shit from the MPAA so my guess is they will treat it like it has the R rating it initially received and kids will have to have an adult with them to see it. I also heard rumours of theatres wanting kids to bring permission slips if they want to see the movie.

What a shit show this has created. Anyways, back to Mike's song. Listen. Good 'eh?


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