Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live with Kelly in Banff. Got your Tickets!?

As we know, Live with Kelly is coming to Banff...they are actually already in the Alberta wild doing outdoorsy stuff. Heard Gelman did a little Catskiing today. Fun times.

What is not fun times is not having tickets to go sit in the audience of the show. I was waiting to do another Live with Kelly post for when I got audience tickets, but since I still haven't received anything I am not holding my breath. If i do get something tomorrow or on Friday I am going to be pissed. People have lives that they need to plan Team Kelly. Are you actually sending the tickets via snail mail? How incredibly 80 years ago of you.

Anyways, rant over. I would like to say, if  I were to go to one of the tapings I would like to go to the one on Monday morning based on the schedule on Live with Kelly, the 3rd show has Peter Facinelli hosting and Johnny Galecki as the guest. Johhny F-cking Galecki. I am actually watching The Big Bang Theory as I type this. I may actually go to Banff just to hunt him down and get a photo. Leonard Hofstadter and Rusty Griswald, neuf said.

Oh and Peter Facinelli...I want to see if Kelly is going to work his divorce into the conversation. I feel like she won't, but maybe she will feel daring after going dog sleding.

Anyways, here is the line up for those of you who got tickets...and if word on the street is correct - that means none of you.
  • Day 1 -  Host: Mark Consuelos (aka Mr. Rippa) Guest: Jason Biggs (someone please bring him an apple pie...and no, that joke never gets old).
  • Day 2 - Host: Chris Harrison (hosting is his gig...although I prefer him just talking about crazy ass girls on the Bachelor.) Guests: Jayma Mays (Emma Pilsbury from Glee...couldn't even get the Calgary Gleek), Caroline Rhea (I have no idea what she is promoting...Sabrina the Teenage Witch ended like 10 years ago) Far East Movement ('musical' guest. Is this all we could get? Sad face).
  • Day 3 - (see above)
  • Day 4 - Host: Ben Mulroney (whose dick did he suck for this?...same person's that he has been for his entire career?). Guests: David James Elliot (he is on GCB, which I love...he was also on JAG eons ago), Melanie Fiona (Canadian singer, her 4AM song is ok...but you have probably never heard of her).
Kelly, I hope you are having fun in our fine province.


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