Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lindsay Lohan on SNL obviously went the way everyone thought

Did you watch Lindsay's 'comeback' last night on SNL? It was pretty brutal. The only skit of the night with her that I actually enjoyed was the Real Housewives of Disney...and she wasn't the stand out (obviously, that honor fell to Kristin Wiig). Lohan played Rapunzel and Wiig was Cinderella and Prince Charming is gay. So great.

Lohan was so bad she was blatantly reading from cue cards during skits. I would give a pass to someone who was hosting that didn't have acting in their a singer or something, but Lindsay is a professional actor. I expect more from her.  She also stumbled over multiple lines which kind of killed the punch lines.

Her opening monologue was also less to be desired. She came out and kind of made fun of herself and her issues, but it wasn't very funny. Jon Hamm was on 'standby'...and he probably should have taken over.

I know it was forever ago, but Lindsay was actually once very good at the whole acting thing. It's a shame that this was her attempted comeback. It was too soon.

A good aside is that it looks like Lindsay has put on some weight. She is no longer a skelator! And by that I mean she isn't fat she just looks healthy.


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