Monday, March 19, 2012

Kristina Maria Co-Pilot (VIDEO)

Pop singers and Canada haven't always been synonymous. We are known more for trailer trash rick bands that all sound the same...but as of late it seems that more pop singers have been finding their way to the surface. Call it the Bieber effect...or maybe it all started with Celine, but it took years to build up to anything else.

Whatever the case, you need to check out this song by Kristina Maria. She has an album that is going to drop in April and this is the single from the album. I love the French part. I have no idea what he is saying because I retained exactly 0% of the French that I learned in school, but I like the English/French combination. Very Canadian.

I do hate, however, all her arm accessories. Drop those clunky bangles down a sewer drain and light that salmon pink glove on fire. Actually, now that I think of it, it looks like her stylist was given explicit instructions to only dress her in items from Sirens. Yuck.


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