Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kim Kardashian gets Antiqued with flour on the red carpet

BAH! Kim Kardashian got antiqued tonight at an event by some chick. Well...I think technically, to be truly antiqued, you need to get smacked with a bunch of flour in the face and this girl hit her up from behind, BUT I think that this counts...cause that was a whole lot of flour.

I really hope a video of this surfaces. Until then we shall make due with this photo of a very dusty Kimmy.

The girl who did it was detained by the police. I am assuming she is now a national hero. I also wouldn't be surprised if she admits to the police that she was paid by the Kardashian clan to pull the stunt so Kim could come out looking roses when she laughed off the whole thing to the press.

You can't tell me that someone who is as OCD as Kim is going to be completely calm and laugh off getting flour bombed. Puh-lease. If it wasn't planned...she knew something was going to happen. The Kardashian's don't do real life...they do scheduled shoots.


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