Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' music video is...interesting (VIDEO)

Um boys...if you ever cheat on a girl and 2 hours later she has joined the army, note: you have really f-cked her up.

Katy Perry's new video for Part of Me, the song she debuted at the Grammys which everyone thinks is about her relationship with Russell Brand, is kind of messed up.

First, how dumb did she feel when she got to training camp and realized she didn't need to hack all her hair off in the gas station washroom? Fool. Second, I wasn't aware that there were all female training camps in the States. Is this factual?  Third, I liked Katy's Volvo and her hair at the beginning. This makes me miss the old Katy. The one that had a normal, nice, pretty we are stuck with alien head. So tragic.

And what is the "part of her" that he can't take away? The fact that she is a fighter or suicidal? Confused.


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