Monday, March 26, 2012

Jen comments on: Justin Bieber's new song Boyfriend

The new Justin Bieber song, Boyfriend, came out today. Instead of telling you what I thought of the song, cause obviously I think it sucks, I asked a Bieber fan to make me a video of what she thought of the song.

Enter Jen, we remember her, right? Currently Jen is trying to get herself on the Bachelor Canada. We wish her well. Now I will make fun of her response to Bieber's video.

Here are my notes (Jen in black, Jes in blue):
  • "Jes wanted me to make a video because she thinks people care about my opinion..." False.
  • "Realistically I know she wants to make fun of me and this video..." True.
  • "..I'm not even sure if I have 5 fans, I'm just making an estimation. And I feel like I have 5 friends and 3 of those people are myself when I look in a 3-way mirror..." ....HUH?
  • "I'm a total fan girl when it comes to Justin Bieber....If you don't think I am a real fan (pulls out Bieber stuff)...Please note that everything of Justin Bieber that I own was a gift. It's not like I bought this with my own hard earned money from YouTube." You are a total fan...who would never buy his merchandise for yourself? CONTRADICTION.
  • "If you haven't heard the song yet you should. It's basically like the US Shawn Desman. He's come back in Justin Bieber form." First, Justin Bieber is also Canadian FOOL! And second...Shawn Desman didn't go anywhere, he is still filling CanCon requirements across the country.
  • "I was like...I am 21, you are 12, this isn't legal, but I'll still go with it..." You. Sick. F-ck.
  • "He also uses the word 'blow' which can either mean cocaine or what Selena Gomez does to him in his spare time..." This I had to look the context of "I've got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow" I think he means spending money.
  • "Just so you know, if they auto-tuned my voice I could sound like Justin Bieber too." I believe anything is possible.
  • " think Justin Bieber has grown up but then he talks about Buzz Lightyear which takes away all his street cred and makes you think he is 5." But what if he had talked about...Woody? 
  • That whole thing about snow...I have no idea what is going on or what to quote to represent how ridiculous this sounds.
  • "Blah, blah, blah, blah" I totally agree with this part of your rendition.
  • "It's no Baby or, uh...what are those other songs that he sings?" AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A FAN!?
  • "They tried to charge my credit card $300 when I bought" Where on God's green earth do you purchase your music? Only you could find a place that would screw you that badly.
  • "I hope you enjoyed this Jes." Definitely.
I hope you all enjoyed this. I enjoyed doing this so much I have requested that next week Jen come back and give her opinion on the Provincial Election. Then we can hear what people who like Justin Bieber know about politics. It will be magical.


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