Monday, March 12, 2012

Jann Arden booted from a Via Rail Train

Jann Arden was booted from a Via Rail train in Ontario yesterday after the staff noticed that she had brought her tiny dog on board. Unfortunately for Jann there is a no pet policy on the trains and she had to get off at the next stop, in Oshawa, which she calls the middle of nowhere. Then she had to rent a car and drive to Ottawa where she was performing that evening.

So of course she took to twitter and complained that she had got the boot. People obviously commented on her predicament. Some with support some telling her that she is an idiot and rules are rules. Jann went on to respond to people and told them that multiple train workers saw her dog and said nothing.

Here is the thing, that is lame for you, as they should have told you before you boarded the train, BUT if you are travelling with an animal you would think that you would check the rules before boarding. That is your responsibility, or your handlers or whoever you get to book you on a train instead of a plane between gigs.

We all know how I feel about dogs, so I don't have sympathy for her situation. She could have killed someone on the train if there was someone with bad dog allergies sitting near her if her dog isn't hypoallergenic. Use your brain Jann.


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