Monday, March 5, 2012

Get tickets to Live with Kelly in Banff

It's already online!
If you would like to enter to get tickets to see Live with Kelly when she struts into Alberta you can register on the Live with Kelly website or send in an envelope with you registration information.
The 4 show times are:
Sunday, April 1st - 10:00am
Sunday, April 1st - 12:30pm
Monday, April 2nd - 10:00am
Monday, April 2nd - 12:30pm
It is going to be the random selection thing like Oprah used to have…and if you followed me around this time last year you will know my luck is NOT good with this kind of thing. I am cursed…so if you get tickets, take me with you!

Click here to do the online registration.

Good luck all!


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