Thursday, March 1, 2012

Former Mount Royal SAMRU President gets arrested for robbing a bank

This girl robbed a Credit Union in the Calgary southeast yesterday afternoon.

A couple fun facts about her and this situation:
  • Her name is Meghan Melnyk
  • She is the former President of Mount Royal's Student Union
  • She resigned (politely fired) at the end of January due to 'policy compliance issues'
  • She was the VP External in her previous year at Mount Royal
  • She already had arrest warrants for fraud, uttering forged documents and breach of probation prior to the robbery
  • She was wearing sunglasses and toque (no word yet on the colour...which is clearly an important factor)
  • No weapon was seen during the robbery, but they found a knife in her car later
  • Her getaway car was a PT Cruiser
  • She has since been arrested
Obviously the best part of this story is that she drives a PT Cruiser. That pretty much sums up her greatness.

We also tried to figure out how she won the SAMRU election...and we decided that she must have had the best campaign poster, but cause that is how University elections are won.

Why didn't I go to Mount Royal? So much good shit goes on there. The last epic thing to come out of the U of C was that anonymous girl who tried to steal an ambulance during BSD.


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