Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elliot BROOD's Casey Laforet gives you a case for your vote in the Indie Awards

The voting for the Independent Music Awards has been open for little while. It totally slipped my mind to post something about it until I saw this hilarious video. The awards take place on March 24 - so you still have time to vote. Click here to pick your faves.

I voted for this dude because, quite frankly, this is the funniest 'voting request' I have ever seen. Especially the very end.

For every other category I voted for any person or band that had a person that was wearing rad glasses in their pictures...if that failed I went based on name. And by that I mean, if your name was creative you got my vote.

Just kidding. I voted for real, but I shall leave the decision up to you. Wouldn't want to taint your choices by telling you I voted for the likes of Library Voices, Imaginary Cities, Bon Iver etc. Nope, I'll just let you giver.

I didn't vote in the children's music category because I was disappointed that Fred Penner didn't make the cut. Did he die?


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