Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chevy Chase and Community creator feuding

Supposedly there is bad water between Community producer/creator Dan Harmon and cast member Chevy Chase. It was reported that Chevy left the set last month before filming one of his scenes that was going to be used in the season finale.

The bad blood continues when, at the wrap party Harmon gave a speech that was a big fat f-ck you to Chevy in front of everyone including Chevy's wife and daughter. This was followed up with a voicemail message left by Chevy (listen here, courtesy of which leaked on to the internet. Chase says at one point, "...your writing is getting worse and worse so suck my cock."

Diva behaviour and douchiness is not new in the TV world so this is not to say that Chevy is going to leave the show or anything, but we all know that the future is not bright when creators and stars butt heads (re: Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen).

Hopefully they work it out. Community has a pretty hard core group of fans that would probably be pissed if the show fell apart over something like this.


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