Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Book Challenge Week #3: Mockingjay

What the hell is your problem Suzanne Collins!? To say I was disappointed with the ending of this book would be a vast understatement.

SPOILER ALERT. For real. Do not read further if you don't want to know how this shit ends.

I am pissed that the first movie just came out and I know how this terrible garbage ends. Agh.

I cannot believe Finnick dies! Actually I can, but I cannot believe how easily Suzanne wrote him off. She could have given more than a second to him dying. It was nice that Katniss took a second to watch him die, but F-CK. I am so outraged. And then when you find out Annie had a baby. I pretty much almost threw my Kindle off the balcony. What a heartless injustice of fiction!

So she kills my favorite character and then just makes everyone else's life miserable. At the beginning of Chapter 25 Katniss says "Real or not real" and I was thinking 'not' because it is so f-cked...and then she never I literally spent two chapters thinking that the second bomb did not go off and she was still in the City Circle. Then at the very end of the book she says 'real'...last word. Well, I don't like this 'real' shit.

Also, as I said before I was on Team Gale. Team f-cking Gale and then he ends up in District 2 with a fancy job...and that's it. THAT'S IT!?!? He just leaves her? Never even comes to see if she has offed herself? I find that hard to believe. I much would have rather he died in the attack, or that Katniss would have shot him when he got captured. Not that I needed some big romantic ending...but some f-cking closure Suzanne Collins.You dirty bitch.

Finnick dying and Katniss not ending up with Gale sucked, but neither was the biggest piss off of the whole book. Prim dying was the worst. I think that is why I thought for so long that she was just hallucinating after the beginning of Chapter 25. Prim being alive is the basis of the whole series. And then she dies and Katniss ends up a broken nutbag of a human and her mother can't even come visit her because she is so depressed. Then the epilogue...her having kids that she basically says she doesn't want and doesn't even give names like they are not important. Awful.

I am sure that if we were shooting for a realistic version of a fantasy novel, this is probably what would have happened...but in a book that is written from young adults. GOOD GOD. What a horrible ending. F-cking awful.

Damn you Suzanne Collins, damn you!

Not recommended (unless you have read the other 2 then you might as well read this one).


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