Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Challenge Week #1: Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is coming out in theatres soon and I just knew that if I was going to read the books I needed to do it before the movie came out...because if I watched the movie I would never read the books. I can do books first, but never movie.

Anyways. So I bought the first Hunger Games book and decided that I need to start reading more. I watch too much TV. My mind is turning to mush. I have given myself a challenge...a book a week until July - when I will probably die from alcohol poisoning during the Stampede.

So every week I shall give a little wrap on a book I have read and recommend the good ones to you.

Hunger Games.

I get what the big deal is. This book is obviously written for teenagers, but it is scary if you really think about it, so adults will find it entertaining as well.

I am sad that I have seen a trailer for the movie because the actors who play the characters are the ones that I think of when reading the book, but that is my fault for not getting on the game sooner. Miley Cyrus' boyfriend playing the role of Gale, who is thus far my favorite character, is slightly traumatizing. The only one I agree with is Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. So bad ass.

If you are unaware of the books or the movie...the Hunger Games take 2 teenagers (between 12-18), one male one female, from each 'District' (kind of like a country) and put them in an 'arena' and watch them all fight to the death until there is one lone man standing. The arena is not like the Roman coliseum however, it is a giant mass of land, in this case, a forest that the kids must navigate and live in while trying to off each other. There are cameras all over the place and the 'Games' are broadcast at home in the Districts and The Capitol (which is the place that runs everything and no kids from there have to fight).

Katniss is the main character, a girl from District 12 who volunteers to go into the Games after her 12 year old sister Prim is drawn to fight. It is through her point of view that we hear the story. She is kind of a loner bitch, but I like her.

The whole concept of kids/teenagers killing each other is creepy like Lord of the Flies, but in a different more disturbing sense that people are sitting around cheering them on. It is like a futuristic version of gladiators mixed with some weird Big Brother reality TV thing.

I am pleased with the ending, but it could have gone another way and I would have been okay with that. I am really going to try not to spoil anything here.

Suzanne Collins, the author, has either watched a lot of TV or has a really messed up mind, but I like it. Continue on. Obviously my next book will be Catching Fire, the next book in the series.



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