Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who are The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Did you see the promo for the Real Housewives of Vancouver that was on during the Grammys? The show is premiering on Slice in the Spring.

The cast is rumoured to be the following people (this has yet to be confirmed): 
Christina Aisenstat 
Wife of David Aisenstat, owner of The Keg chain of restaurants.

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Reiko Mackenzie
Her Twitter profile states that she is a Ferrari enthusiast. She is married to Sun Mackenzie, not sure what he does, but they are loaded.

Jody Claman 
She owns a catering business and in the show supposedly there is an episode around her daughter launching her fashion line 'MIA'. Seen in a couple places that she is going to be on 2 reality shows... there is more than one reality show for middle aged women in Vancouver? Random.

Ronnie Negus
Wife of Russell Negus, founder and Executive Chairman of Abacus Private Equity. She is friends with Taylor Armstrong, from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Oddly enough, her husbands name was also Russell...he was the guy that offed himself.

Mary Zilba
This one is my favorite. Hilarious. Former Miss Ohio 1986 turned singer. From what heard she seems like she was trying to sound like some slutty pop singer from the 80s. It's sick. And how convenient that she is releasing a new single "Hero", probably around the time that the show is coming out. She is married to Frank Anderson who is also her manager. He is the President of President Angen Capital Corp.

I am calling drama from that Reiko chick...based solely on her heinous plastic surgery. The Jody woman is totally going to be cast as the nice stepford wife. Completely undecided about the others.



  1. Why are you such a hater? All of your posts are negative. Get your facts straight, their completely inaccurate. Christina isn't married to David. What you said about Reiko is rude. Jody is anything but nice. Ronnie isn't friends with Taylor, ever heard of meeting a celeb? Finally, Mary has been a single mom for the last five years, and her song Hero has all proceeds going to TSCanada as her son is afflicted. I didn't know having top 40 hits automatically makes you a slut?

  2. You clearly need to do more research, if you want people to start commenting or respecting you get your facts straight.
    You're nothing but a bully...

  3. Mary looks so puffy in this video, what the hell did she inject into her face? gross

  4. Well I think XOXOjess is the bomb - so yall can shove it.

  5. Reiko's husband is a former drug dealer... Formerly known as Sun News Lal... Mackenzie sounds so much more respectable. Bindy and the other gangbangers. Google it...

  6. Picture of Reiko Mackenzie credit:


  7. These idiots are just embarrassing. Absolutely pathetic.

  8. I am sure none of these women were first on the list to do this show. Here's my take on original cast:
    Kristy King
    Manji Sidhoo
    Tahla Aquilini or any other Aquilini wife
    to name a few more recognizable 'Vancouver' faces
    None of these other women are known. Wannabes who happened to either marry rich or divorce rich. Just because they live in West Van means nothing. Real recognizable socialites are on the Westside of Vancouver!
    I remember Jody from the 80's when she was in the catering business downtown. She actually did have a really unique personality. Very vibrant and funny.
    Who the hell is Reiko Mackenzie?? looks awful and just the fact that she is married to a loser gang banger should automatically disqualify her. Never have seen her around the westside of Vancouver where it really matters.
    Mary Zilba seems ok but launching a single so needs help with recognition from this show.
    Christinal Keisel is obviously a gold digger. I mean she married David Aisenstaat. I believe his first wife was a gorgeous, beautiful, classy woman, tall blond who unfortunately died of Cancer many years ago. Don't know why he would have married someone like this one.
    Have never heard of Ronnie Negus or even seen her anywhere including the local papers all these years. Attractive but vapid.

    1. The name is Christie King. And she was turned down. Tali'ah is getting a divorce and NO ONE would want her involved. She is very straight and a dogmatic ...., not too popular, few friends and frankly and would not be into this at all. Her sister in-laws are all lovely and natural, normal people so not the real housewives sort. And....just wondering since when is Christina Aiesenstat 30...LOL. I think Ronnie (who is nuts and wealthy and Mary are both great choices) The Reiko person is from the west side, and I guess her looks and past will add a bit of colour. Too bad they aren't going to expose some of their selections drug use.....

    2. Not sure how Reiko's husband made his money... sniff sniff

    3. I thought Christie King declined? She was turned down? Details?? I thought her husband had a shady past??? Maybe they choose Reiko MacKenzie over her? Interesting what all these seemingly "perfect" lives have to hide...

  9. Haha none of the Aquilini wives would ever go on that show. They are happy enough driving around WPGA in white Escalades (okay, that's just one of them.)

    The girlfriend of Clive Johnson (of B2Gold) was asked to be on the show, but she declined (as any sane person would.)

  10. My guess is that this show is going to be booooring........we are no match for the bitches across the line.

  11. If these ladies actually got naked on camera, things

    would get more interesting from a ratings standpoint..

  12. Haters!!! Put ur balls on the table and speak the same after it ends, maybe you'll feel differently, instead of judging people....Gawd it's a series many love, and to have u lot hating on it, is a compliment and you should be judged in ur own lives!

  13. Yup best ratings Slice has EVER had! So eat your words all... this show is a hit and..

    Jody is a bitch
    Mia (just like mom)
    Ronnie.. horrible friend full of herself
    Reiko She's great maybe has a "background" but has more class in her baby toe than Jody, Ronnie and Mia combined

    Mary in a word.. Lovely Met her and she's the real deal

    Christina Again.. a past, maybe, who cares she's a blast!
    Love her. Heck I'd have sex with her and I'm not a lesbian.

  14. wow could you have been any more incorrect! this show is incredible - a hit in the US as well.


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