Saturday, February 25, 2012

UFC Fight getting a Calgary date

Gross. The word on the street is that the week after the Skankpede ends Calgary will be the host of a UFC fight at the Saddledome. They say that they would like to have Canadian fighters as well as big time UFC fighters on the card.

We all know my opinion of UFC fighting and those people who get joy out of watching it. Will they be able to sell out the Saddledome? Good Lord I have no doubts...there is enough red necks in Alberta to really make this one a gong show.

So there you have it...a fight possibility. A UFC fan's dream. My nightmare.



  1. I'm sure a lot more Realy "cool" people like you would rather be listening to Backstreet Boys, watching old episodes of friends, playing with their Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls, listening to Dan Levy?!?!???!
    Do everyone a favor and crawl into a hole somewhere you giant loser! You're whole site is a joke. You call people red necks for liking something so terrible as UFC. I guess it's no Real Housewives of Vancouver. LMAO! I'm sure you have no idea what an absolute douche you truly are, but you are. Everytime you post something else remember that.

    1. I agree, this jes person sounds like a close minded idiot, but thats okay there's 6 billion people in the world im not surprised that this moron decided to make a site devoted to venting their dislikes, i guess FB and Twitter didnt satisfy... Fag -.-


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