Monday, February 6, 2012

Top 5: Super Bowl Commercials 2012

Now that the Super Bowl is over and Tom Brady failed to bring me joy I have to go back and check out all the commercials. Luckily there were some good ones that brought a much needed smile to my face. Dammit Pats. YOU FAILED ME, but these commercials did not.

Flash Fans
This actually aired at the Flames game on Saturday night. Loved it then and I loved it again when it was on during the game. I especially love the hockey player sitting on the ice at the end either crying of having an asthma attack, either way - hilarious.

So random...but randomness is awesome in my books. 'The reinvented blender, it plays Lionel Richie.' WTF, amazing.

Speaking of random...I wasn't given the memo that The Darkness was given a pass out of the dark hole that they have been hiding in. Oh well, it was a welcomed blast from the past. I will say though...if you were a Apple user you sure as hell wouldn't bail for a Samsung...especially one that has a pen. Didn't we get rid of those add-ons when we kicked pagers to the curb?

Stunt Anthem
Chevy had some really good commercials this year. This one was a compilation of different stunts that you can watch separately on YouTube. I totally heart Fun. so I like the song. And I actually remember seeing the kick flip stunt (which was executed by Rob Dyrdek) and posting a while ago...I had NO IDEA that it was a Chevy collaboration. I like how subtle they are. Refreshing.

1st Bank
This commercial was localized to Colorado, but it was the BEST commercial I had ever seen. I had to include it. All commercials should be like this one. If I lived in Colorado and I wasn't banking with 1st Bank I would switch.

So those were my Top 5. It was difficult to weed them down and not give you a complete slate of vehicle commercials...those always seem to be the best.


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  1. I enjoy your comment about The Darkness. Btw, they're back on tour. My guess is they're trying to stage a comeback.


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