Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 5 Special Edition: Jes' Favourite Things 2012

Last year I did a top birthday gift list which had my besties running all over town trying to find Mark Wahlberg's book dedicated to his penis. They all failed, but it was the thought that counted. I also never got the all gold Chuck Taylor's that I requested...and I was tempted to put them on this list again, but I decided against it.

Since my birthday is in a week I figured now was as good a time as any to keep the tradition going and post another list of things one could buy me for my day of birth. Let the scavenger hunt begin friends. Good luck to you.

Breaker High on DVD
This TV show made me want to go to school on a cruise ship...even though I grew up on ferries, which sucked. This could be relatively impossible to find since I haven't been able to locate it anywhere for purchase. But I figure that pretty much everything is on DVD, Breaker High HAS to eventually be right? If you can't find this I will settle for one of my other childhood faves: Danger Bay or Sweet Valley High. That's 3 of them MUST be on DVD right?

Extra Spot on a film (bucket list help)
For those of you who know me you will know, my desire to be in front of a camera is pretty much non-existent, BUT I do like checking things off my bucket list. One of my bucket item lists that I want to conquer this year is be an extra in a movie. I would also settle for sneaking on a set and jumping into a scene...whatever one can arrange for me would be great. If this isn't possible - my other bucket list items can be found here.

Wall Art
Now I am not talking about some kind of print of a legit piece that you would find in a museum. I am talking about some hilarious handmade painting or portrait like the one that Amy Farrah Fowler got for Penny in last weeks episode of Big Bang Theory. Something giant, hilarious, and outrageous. Kind of like the watch I bought myself for my's so gaudy, Flava Flave would be jealous.

How the mother eff did I NOT know about this vodka which is made in the great province of Alberta? Banff Ice and Alberta Pure were the only Alberta made vodkas on my radar until now. Anyways...I feel, since I am a vodka connoisseur, that I should be requesting some which is made in my home province that may not cause gut rot (I mean...maybe it will, but I don't know this for sure.).  And if you can't buy it here...well that is just dumb.

Singing Telegram
I would like a singing telegram. Acoustic musician and guitar song will be fine. Preferably in the afternoon because I am not sure if the people at my office would appreciate someone jamming out at my desk first thing in the morning. Oh...and the song must be sung by one of the following (none of that 'random person dressed up as a leprechaun' business): Robyn Dell'Unto, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Matt Nathanson, The Backstreet Boys (or just Brian is fine), The Head and The Heart, Joe Purdy, Meaghan Smith or Florence Welch.


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  1. I was telling the girls at work how Ryan Gosling was Canadian and that he starred in Breaker High...they just did not understand its greatness. I guess it was one of those you had to be there things...


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