Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 5: Notes on the Grammys

54th Grammys...good show? Meh, it was decent.

Whitney's Memorial Service
The started out with the host, LL Cool J, saying a prayer for Whitney. I felt like I was in church and Reverend J was doing a sermon. So weird. Many of the performers in the night gave shout outs to Whit. And then there was Jennifer Hudson. She was the one chosen to attempt I Will Always Love You without practice. Talk about pressure. It was pretty intense. If anyone could get the song up to a Whitney standard it would be J Hud. After she sang I was even more devastated that Whit passed. She proved that there will never be another Whitney. Ever.

I am all for a tribute or two, but did anyone else think that they spent the whole night reminiscing the past? Beach Boys reunion, Etta James tribute, Don Cornelius trib, Whitney trib, Glenn Campbell's lifetime achievement...I believe there was others, but I kind of stopped keeping track. So many amazing artists took the stage and sang songs that were not their own. Such a waste.

Swept. She won everything she was nominated for. Best Record, Best Album, Best Song, Best Pop Solo, Best Pop Vocal, and Best Short-Form Music Video. It was 100% the night of Adele. Well deserved. An artist that is completely fantastic person as well as singer.

Katy Perry
Oh Katy...channeling the Smurfs of the 80s with that hair. Bright blue and crimped. While also wearing a Power Rangers outfit. Sick. I was so disappointed with her song choices. First she sang ET, which I think is her worst song ever. Then she went on to debut an angry new song which is clearly a hate on of Russell Brand. Good God...did we lose happy Katy? I can only deal with Angry Rihanna...I can't do both.

Chris Brown
I am not on the Chris Brown hate train like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a complete douche woman beater, but he was still a nominated artist and he did put out an album. So when he performed the first time Twitter exploded with 'shame on you Grammy' tweets. Then he won Best R&B album, which really...he was the only one in the category that anyone knew so you knew that was coming. I had a problem with the second performance that he did with Lil Wayne for Don Cornelius tribute. I was annoyed that they had anyone singing twice, but Brown. Really? That was stupid. Very, very stupid.

Overall the Grammys were pretty boring. I was thrilled that Bon Iver won Best New Artist over Nicki Minaj and The Band Perry...not that I don't like those guys, I just love Justin Vernon. Period.


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