Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taylor Momsen band to take the stage at the UofC's Den

Taking the same stage as The Stereos...this makes sense to me.

Taylor Momsen, her hooker heels and her band The Pretty Reckless will be playing at the University of Calgary student bar, The Den, on Tuesday March 20.

That is prime time Taylor...I didn't even know the Den was open on Tuesdays. Just kidding...I used to go there every night of the week, but seriously. She couldn't even get the MacBallroom? That's kind of sad.

...or maybe she is just thrilled to be old enough to get into a bar she didn't even think about how ghetto that is. Too bad the Al Cove is closed...I would have paid to see her play there.


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  1. The Al Cove is closed? Now what are the skeezy men of the world going to do and the karaoke loving girls of the world supposed to do?


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