Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recap: The Voice

Hallilujah! The Voice is back and the claws are out. I was wondering if Adam and Christina would go at it like last year...I was hoping, praying, anxiously anticipating the rivalry. Then tonight the show returned and I was not let down. Christina and Adam were at each other within the first 5 minutes. Wonderful. If they aren't screwing I will be floored. For reals.

Cee Lo didn't really do a whole lot in this episode...he did land his first team member by saying "You turn me on." Adam and Christina fought and I think the girl was so uncomfortable with them that she went with Mr. Creep himself. Hilarious.

Blake got his first team member and, shocking, she was singing a Miranda Lambert song. If you may recall, last season he was pretty pretective of his soon to be wife's music. He didn't go with anyone that sang her songs...but this year, they are married so I guess he doesn't care. The girl was good though.

Adam turned for a lot of people before he finally scored his first dude Tony Lucca...who just happened to be one of the only former members of the Mickey Mouse Club to not go on to bigger and better things. (Christina, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, JC Chaze, and Ryan Gosling...are all not doing too shabby).  He said that he thought Christina would recognize him when she turned around, but she clearly did not.

I think a little extra taping was done after the show to make it look like Christina had a light bulb moment once she turned her chair back around. Hell no. She had no idea who he was and they didn't want to make her look like a diva bitch for forgetting someone who she knew when she was not a star. I hope Tony goes far in this show just so she can feel bad about it for an extended period.

Unlike last year, both of Christina's current members are men. She had the diva train going last year which didn't work out that well for her. This year she is changing it up with a male opera singer and a reincarnation of Adam's winning guy from last year.

The Voice continues tomorrow night. Get ready for drama. Fack, I love this show.


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