Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Price is Wrong for Bob Barker and the Stampede Showcase

Today on the Price is Right one of the showcases was a trip to the Calgary Stampede and a truck and the former host was NOT pleased. Bob Barker isn't new to protesting stuff that goes down in Alberta (re: the elephants at the Edmonton Zoo). Bob said he would like to see the Stampede disappear completely. How rude (in the voice of Stephanie Tanner)...he is dissing this cities 100 year legacy! I think Bob's life saving efforts would be more useful in some African country where people die. Not sure why Bob always has shit to say about Alberta...but it is irritating.

Anyways...let's talk about the fact that the PIR gave away a trip to the Stampede as a prize. I love the Skankpede...but the average age of a Price is Right contestant is like...40. Is that really a great prize for someone that old? I don't know. I realize old people go there too, but if I was an average American mid-life person...I'd rather go to Vegas or have a trip to Pebble Beach.

Whoever the person was that won...I hope you have fun. Oh, and it will pour rain 1 of the 2 days that you are here. That's just an FYI.


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