Saturday, February 11, 2012

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: Neon Indian (Guest Post)

I'm not going to lie - the pressure is on with this post.

If I nail it with this selection I'll be sitting pretty at four weeks of recommendations that pass Jes' stringent approval process. That's one full month, folks.

I've chosen Neon Indian - Polish Girl this week. To be honest I'll be a little surprised if this gets a passing vote, but I went with my gut. It's pretty different than the selections of the past weeks, but I just love the vibe and the electro/nintendo feel - it's so much fun.

Fingers crossed.

Oh no. Remember that time years ago when you tried to introduce me to Owl City and I died inside and barfed outside? Well it is not as bad as the Saltwater Room...but it is still pretty electro terrible.

I know you were really hoping for a win this week, me too. But I just can't.

I did however, just buy you a ticket to see Brad Paisley during Stampede. You're welcome.


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