Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nick and Aaron Carter lose a sister: RIP Leslie Carter

The text I received this morning to inform me of this sad news was, "I guess there isn't going to be a House of Carters reunion :(" No joke.

When the Carter family reality show was on it was an apartment favorite. Leslie Carter was a gong show, but they all were. The Backstreet Boy's sister had a daughter last April and was married shortly before that. It looked like she was getting over the family ridiculousness and trying to have a normal life. So sad.

No word yet on how or when she passed away. The Carter fam is being very mum on the subject, which is completely understandable.
RIP Lesley…RIP House of Carters.

UPDATE: It has been reported that Leslie passed away due to a drug overdose. Lame.


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