Thursday, February 23, 2012

New "Music" Video from Paris Hilton

I didn't watch the video til the end because halfway through I got weirded out and thought...this is like the Ring or whatever right? I felt like right at the end something is going to flash across the screen and say "The world doesn't need people like you who listen to trash like this...we're coming for you." Or something along those lines and then I would get knifed while walking to work tomorrow. No thank you. Even if it is for research/blogger purposes...I will not take that chance.

You may remember back in 2006 Paris Hilton released some tunes, one of which was Stars are Blind. It was a total guilty pleasure. Don't get me was crap, but that is what a guilty pleasure is. Crap that you like. Anyways, when I heard she had a new music video I was very intrigued...then I saw this creepy voice-over and was disappointed.

Is this what rich people do when they are bored? Think of ways to torture poor average people with weird shit and then go snort a rail? Eff you Paris, and your money.


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