Thursday, February 23, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

This is the weekend of movies isn't it? I mean, Oscar madness is all around us and no doubt people will spend Friday or Saturday night getting in one more Oscar nominated film before game day. Others may be in the mood for some movie popcorn. There are a lot of limited releases this week...meaning, they are not out for everyone so don't hold your breath.

Act of Valor
OH MI GAWD! I WANT TO BE AMERICAN! I WANT TO JOIN THE NAVY SEALS! Pfft, this is the most elaborate recruitment video I have ever seen...that continues on and is an entire movie. The patriotism in the States is unreal and you KNOW people are going to go see this. I won't even pretend to understand it, but I do know that people that fly the stars and stripes on their front lawn will love it. I think it looks boring and none of the guys look really hot, which is my prerequisite for watching war films.
(Side Note: the song playing is The Lightening Strike by Snow Patrol - love.)

Donovan's Echo (limited)
Danny Glover. Where that dude been hiding? This movie looks like it could be the over 30 demographics Final Destination...but I can't really tell. I think maybe if you wanted something a tad eery this may be your bet.

The Flowers of War (limited)
Christian Bale = hawt. This movie = boring. Well, it looks boring. The preview had tanks plowing into buildings and I wanted to fall asleep. That should tell you something.

The first time I saw a trailer for this movie it was short and I thought for sure Amanda Seyfried was going to be some loony toon that you find out in the end has killed a bunch of people. But the more detailed trailer makes it seem like I am wrong. Since her being crazy and there being a giant twist at the end would be the only way to get me to watch this...I'll pass.

I know I should be drooling all over this movie like the Americans are jizzing over that Act of Valor movie...but even as a Canadian who invests a percentage of her spare time keeping up with hockey deets and watching games I am not sold on this movie being awesome. I feel like it is going to be so cliche and I will end up hating it. When Liev Schrieber says "So you're the new me eh"...that's where they lost me. Does anyone in Canada actually f-cking talk like that?! On the plus side, if we were looking for one, I absolutely ADORE Jay Baruchel. He plays, what looks like, a late night regional cable TV channel talk show host with a sick hair cut. His fiancee, Alison Pill, is also in the movie. I hate her based on principle, but I am sure she is a lovely girl.

Rampart (limited)
This movie actually looks legit. I am not really a Woody Harrelson fan, but I think him playing an insane corrupt cop with rage issues would be entertaining to watch...not to mention his lawyer is Steve Buscemi. Balls.

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds (limited)
Written, Directed, Produced and also guessed it: Tyler Perry. I don't watch his movies based on the fact that his name is in the title of every single one that he makes. There is narcissism and then there is Tyler Perry. He seems to make narcissists look like the most humble beings on the plant. Since I haven't seen T Perry in any other movies...does he always act like he is mentally disabled? Or is that just for this super successful business minded character? Pass.

Whilst I totally love Paul Rudd, I don't know if this movie will fly with me. It looks like it might be funny, but in that 'over the top laugh from sex jokes' and other none creative things that I am currently tired of. Plus Jennifer Aniston has been playing Rachel Green since the 90s and I am kind of tired of that as well.

My Pick: Woah...kind of want to say none, but I guess I will go with Wanderlust if you MUST see a movie. And, if you are in a more populated area and can find a theatre it is playing in, I would suggest Rampart.


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