Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

I am so excited for this movie weekend...the girly side of my is totally coming out and me and the GBF already have a date to see The Vow, and hopefully cry...cause I can't do it in real life and tear ducts need to be emptied every so often.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
So this movie looks terrifying to me...I know it is probably supposed to appeal to all ages, but giant bees and huge lizard. Terrifying. I think people that like the fantasy films may like this. I think trading out Brendan Fraser for the Rock was a good idea...I mean, trading out Brendan Fraser for anyone is a good idea, even if that person is the Rock. Side note: That Josh Hutcherson is going to be a looker. Since he is barely older than Bieber that is a total cougar thing for me to say, but I am pretty sure I am right about this.

Safe House
Cool. Two dudes playing roles that we've seen before. Ryan Reynolds is super hot, but the roll of goofy guy is a little played for him. And Denzel...bad ass with loads of confidence. Done. That being said I would still like to see this movie. If only for Ryan.

The Vow
I can't even contain myself over this one. I am absolutely giddy over seeing this movie. I am also well aware of how much I have built this up and there is no way it could possibly live up to it, but until I see it - up is where it will stay! Rachel is one of my all time faves and Channing...well he plays the love sick puppy tres well. Love love love.

My Pick: Obviously The Vow


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