Friday, February 17, 2012

Miranda Lambert still using Chris Brown to promote her music

I know I have already had a giant sound off about this subject...but Miranda Lambert carries on after her she shared her feelings about Chris Brown performing at the Grammys on Sunday night.

At her concert last night, as she was getting ready to sing Gunpowder and Lead (song about woman who kills abusive husband), a fan in the front row held up a sign that said "Take notes Chris Brown". Miranda jizzed herself, went over and held up the sign and sounded off yet again about Chris Brown.

Then she proclaims that beating women is wrong and that's why he dad taught her how to use a shot gun. I have serious issues with her hating on him and then promoting murder. I realize that she would say that is not what she is doing or that she is not serious...but just you wait and see - some broad is going to say she got the balls to off her abuser after listening to this song and feeling empowered. It's so hypocritical to me.

She is just using this shit to get attention and I am annoyed. I really like her, but she is wearing on my nerves, big time.


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