Friday, February 17, 2012

Mel Gibson invited to Whitney's funeral

As of late, I haven't heard anything applaudable about Mel Gibson. It's been years since the dude has been in anyone's good books, but it turns out he is in the good books of the Houston family.

Mel Gibson was invited to Whitney's private funeral by her family because, as it turns out, he helped her through a dark phase of her drug abuse (according to TMZ). He tried to help her break the addiction cycle. Never heard anything about this, which actually makes me appreciate it more if it is true.

I can't stand when celebs talk to the media about other celebs problems and say things like "I tried to help them" in a saint like way. If you are a good friend you just do shit like that. I don't run out and tell everyone any time I spend hours listening to one of my friends drown on about their life problems or all the golden inspirational advice that I give them. I just do it cause that is what you are supposed to do.

Anyways, score one for team Mel. Now he is only like, -499. Movin up in the world.


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