Sunday, February 5, 2012

Madonna does up the Half-Time show (VIDEO)

Ugh, Madonna's half time show. What to say.

The good: The props were giant and the set was extravagant. I wouldn't expect anything less from a woman who is trying to stay on top when the likes of Gaga are constantly coming in and making her look like the old hag that she is.

Her dancers were ok, the guy on the tight rope was entertaining (I was HOPING for a peen landing, no such luck), and her special guests were pretty rad: Cee Lo, Nicki Minaj, MIA, and LMFAO.

(Side note: Sky Blue has pulled out of his upcoming shows with LMFAO in Edmonton and Calgary because of his clearly people are pissed that he went on stage with Madonna. It is convenient that his doctors said that he could perform, but for only two minutes a day. I expect a 2 minute appearance on Tuesday then.)

And now onto the bad: Madonna. WHY are you trying to act 20? I have no problem with you being 60 or however old you are...but you can act your age. Cheerleaders? Luv? Songs that sound like they were written for Selena Gomez? You get my drift. It makes everyone roll their eyes.

I am glad that she was lip syncing that whole time or the whole thing would have been a wash. And yes, if you were wondering, she was lip syncing.You can't even trying to convince me when she started singing Music and it sounded like she had stepped into another, smaller, room.

Biggest groan of the night however, was not her awkward dancing, her almost fall or even the 'Church of Madonna' with the 10,000 choir was the giant WORLD PEACE in stars that appeared after she was dropped off stage. WTF. That performance followed by that message makes no sense. Idiot.

All in all was entertaining. And you couldn't really expect anything else from the old lady.


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